The Terracotta Warriors and Terra Cotta Army Soldiers

The Terracotta Warriors were created by the first Emperor of China,Qin Shi Huang di.This amazing but megalomaniac man conquered and united China from a collection of warring states to become its First Emperor.It took an army of 700,000 craftsman laboring for 37 years to produce the massive army of terracotta warriors.The purpose of this army was to provide service in the afterlife. Thusly, they were buried with the emperor at the time of his death. No two faces were alike, suggesting that each terracotta warrior is an actual replica modeled after a soldier from the real army.

TheTerracotta Army was the most significant archeological excavation of the 20th century. Although discovered in 1974, the dig continues to this day! The Terracotta Warriors and Horses are a sensational archeological find.The terracotta army was listed by UNESCO in 1987 as one of the prestigious 'world cultural heritage' sites, is now referred to as the eighth wonder of the ancient world.

The life size warriors of the Terracotta Army vary in height according to their role, the tallest being the generals. The figures include warriors, chariots, horses, officials, acrobats, strongmen, and musicians. Current estimates are that the three pits containing the Terracotta Army contain over 8,000 soldiers,100 chariots with 400 horses to draw them, and 300 cavalry horses, (the majority of which are still buried in the pits as excavation continues).

We provide scaled down reproductions of terracotta soldiers, modeled after real subjects from the actual dig site. Actual life size productions are by special request only. Our terracotta soldiers are manufactured using the traditional process, they are hand made with terracotta clay and no two faces are identical. Each is air-dried, baked, and then weathered outside in the naturally elements for about 45 days. This weathering process adds to uniqueness and authenticity while also testing and confirming quality.